Book Review:

Ben Mack's review of Man Without A Country by Kurt Vonnegut

Thank you Kurt.

If you are a humanist, you will probably dig Man Without A Country. I’ve read the Amazon
reviews and on other sites that take book reviews. I’m astounded by people who take offense to Vonnegut’s humanistic perspective. One reviewer below suggests that Man Without A Country contains talking points straight from the Democratic National Committee. I checked the DNC website and couldn’t identify any lines from Vonnegut’s book. So it goes.

Yes, Vonnegut draws connections between Bush and Hitler—they both called themselves Christians despite what many liberal documentaries suggest about Hitler being a pagan. But being opposed to Bush doesn’t make Kurt a Democrat. Read Kurt’s words, HE’S A HUMANIST. For those of you that are anti-humanists, there are plenty of sentences to be taken out of context to exploit towards your own divisive agendas. Vonnegut reminds us of a line by Shakespeare: “The Devil will quote scripture for his purpose.”

When did respecting each other become politically divisive? I’ve often wondered why respecting science is politically divisive. Kurt sheds some light on these topics among others.

Look, if you think the world is all hunky-dory, this won’t be your cup of tea. Or, if you dug Vonnegut’s earlier work solely for his humor, you may be disappointed with this read. Vonnegut grapples with his grasp on turning out humor, about how other humorists loose their humor as they age. Vonnegut still has his humor, but he is pissed off—many readers haven’t known when he has been joking and when he has been serious. For the remedial readers he annotates his jokes by saying, “I’m kidding.”

Just because Kurt loves humans, he isn’t beyond shaking his finger at those who preach love as they drop bombs and enslave little brown folks. If you object to this assessment of our current world order, and you have read the books Vonnegut suggests every non-twerp has read, then, I’m open to reading your objections to the content of Kurt’s assertions. Seriously, do you consume much non-American media?

Fellow humanists,
it’s time to take these ideas seriously. Enough of the politicians spewing their intellishit. Kurt begins his penultimate book: “There is no reason good can’t triumph over evil, if only angels will get organized along the lines of the mafia.”

Here’s to Bokonon. * Kurt, I look forward to reading your next novel. I hope you do find a way to write it’s ending.

Cindy Bertrand Holub

"We know that throughout American history others have had to struggle to gain acknowledgment of their civil rights, and now it is our turn. The half-century- old system of sealed adoption records must end and our right to records of our own births restored. As long as this system based on secrecy and lies continues to exist, an aura of shame will cling to adoption."

John Peret

"I stand here before all of you gathered here today as a criminal, and I'm currently serving a life sentence. Law mandates this sentence, and it takes effect on people like myself the minute I'm born... My only crime, in this supposed "free" society, was being born, and then surrendered to the closed adoption system. For my crime, I have to live a life separated from my heritage, medical history, biological relatives, and most information about myself that a non-adopted person takes for granted everyday of his or her life."

Know Thine Enemies - Copyright 2003 Bastard Nation

"As ultraconservative think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and Family Research Council heavily promote adoption as a primary remedy to a gallery of perceived social ills, large constituency churches (including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [Mormons]) and their auxiliary organizations, including church oriented social service agencies and crisis pregnancy centers, have entered the adoption industry to facilitate their theologically based social policies. Honing the existing rhetoric of the industrial lobbyists like the NCFA, these theological opponents of adoptee rights pose as our greatest potential opponents due to their extensive grassroots penetration and their enormous fundraising capabilities."

(from here)

Making the Decision to Search by Shea Grimm

In the event that you decide to search, you might experience an emotional rollercoaster (which will be discussed in depth in future posts), you might alienate your family, friends, or significant other. You might encounter something totally unexpected and wonderful, or unexpected and devastating. Search is never something to be entered into lightly, as Lifton says in "Lost and Found", "Although one is never *totally* prepared, one should not tamper with the Search until one cannot do otherwise." (p.77). Heed this warning well.

(found here)

History of the NCFA: by Shea Grimm.

"The year was 1978, Carter was in the White House, and sealed record systems were firmly entrenched worldwide, but most particularly in the U.S. Carter convened a panel of independent experts in the field of child welfare to address the issue of 'special needs' adoption, and to draft some model state legislation. The panel instead came up with a Model State Adoption Act that threw open records to adult adoptees, and instructed adoption agencies to serve as intermediaries in searches by birthparents for their adopted children.... In response to this legislation... it was the Edna Gladney Home, an agency in Fort Worth Texas, who went to its supporters, comprised mainly of adoptive parents, to raise money for a lobbying organization to defeat the open records provisions of the Model State Adoption Act. The result was the National Committee for Adoption. The NCFA and at its helm, William Pierce, convinced Senators such as John Tower and Jeremiah Denton to argue that open records threatened adoption, and when Reagan took over the White House, the original Model State Adoption Act had been supplanted by an anemic version that did away with the open records provisions, as well as many other reforms."

(found here)

Adoption Nation by Adam Pertman

"The bias against adoptees is instituted immediately after they begin their new lives. Wherever they are born and whatever their ages when their adoptions are finalized, they become the only Americans to have their birth certificates sealed and replaced with official substitutes containing intentionally false information. All but a few states then forbid the adoptees from obtaining their original documents, except in exceptional circumstances."

Adoption Nation by Adam Pertman

"Adoptees can feel spiritually and emotionally wounded when they learn thier biological parents were shabbily treated or were manipulated into giving them up. That applies to thier fathers as well as thier mothers."

Louise Armstrong - Of Sluts & Bastards

"...The language of help and 'treatment' can be used to camoflage aggressive maltreatment and extreme cruelty, in comparison with which the placement of juveniles and 'offenders' in secure punishment facilities looks - if not benevolent - at least candid. In the correctional facility, at least the child is clear that she is being punished for what she has done. In the 'treatment' facility, she is being tormented for what she is...
"...That the smoke screen of language can convince people that the abused child's 'disorder' requires the draconian environment of a locked and heavily guarded (by 'helping personnel') facility, is nothing short of extraordinary...
"In many ways, the experience of 'treatment,' for the children, is akin to the experience of hostages: Stripped of their belongings, of anything familiar, they are subject to demands that they meet incomprehensible 'treatment goals'. They are required, in effect, to confess to thier shortcomings, incorrect attitudes, wrongdoings - in order to gain release. They are required to accept as truth (and appear to embrace) constant negative and critical appraisals. In short, they are held in captivity by adults who see them and treat them as though they were an inferior enemy...
"The techniques used by staff are remarkably similar to those used by hostage takers as well: the threat of isolation; depersonalization; routine searches, not only of space but of mind. Kids are subject to the threat of bondage (termed 'restraint'). And the kids must submit to a regular litany of coerced call-and-response about their feelings and faults that amounts to brainwashing.
"Previously ordinary things, like listening to music, are held to be 'privileges' - earned by conformity and continuous confession..."

Lousie Armstrong, Of Sluts & Bastards

"...There is no such empirical evidence to tell us that confidentiality - certainly the total confidentiality that now obtains - is a good. There is plenty of evidence to tell us that it can be an evil, that the potential for that is extremely great. Particularly if the system is a compromise with basic tenets - both real and those to which we give lip service - on which our society is structured, it wants watching. Particularly since this is the state acting in the name of good intentions, it wants that old vigilance."

Nancy Verrier, The Primal Wound

"Suicide is an attempt, on the part of the person in pain, to concretize or actualize something which is felt to have already happened, but which they can't remember experiencing."

Nancy Verrier, The Primal Wound

"The feeling that life is unsafe and that he must be 'on guard' takes its toll. Part of that which might be sacrificed in ego development is a sense of spontaneity and carefree abandon... (impulsivity, common among adopted children, should not be mistaken fro spontaneity.)"

Nancy Verrier, The Primal Wound

"The idea that the birth mother loved the baby so much that she gae him away is a non sequitur so far as the child is concerned. There is an equation here: Love = Abandonment."

Nancy Verrier, The Primal Wound

"The need to be good often caused adopted children to be hypervigilant, which means that they are constantly assessing the 'climate' of the environment in order to know how to behave. They feel as if their security within the family requires it. This need to be vigilant in trying to determine what is expected of them feels like walking a tightrope or walking on eggshells to many adoptees."

Nancy Verrier, The Primal Wound

"The burden of trying to live up to some percieved expectations, whether real or imagined, may exacerbate the ambivalent feelings many adoptees already have toward their adoptive families and toward their adopted status in general."

Nancy Verrier, The Primal Wound

"...The need to defend against the possibility of abandonment or other loss intrudes into almost every relationship..."

Nancy Verrier, The Primal Wound

"...Being separated from their birth mothers and handed over to strangers in the adoption process is the only trauma where the victims are expected by the whole of society to be grateful..."

Nancy Verrier, The Primal Wound

"...Too often misguided clinicians advise the parents to send the child to an adolescent treatment center or special school. They are completely unaware of the significance this solution has on the child. Whereas in some cases this may be the last resort and only thing to do, on the psychological level it only reinforces and exacerbates the abandonment issue for adoptees."

Nancy Verrier, The Primal Wound

"...The general public still finds it difficult to accept that these biological mothers and their adult children have a right to find one another..."

Nancy Verrier, The Primal Wound

"...Adoptive parents have been lied to about the ease with which these babies would accept them as parents..."

Nancy Verrier, The Primal Wound

"The adoptee is paralyzed by the belief that he was responsible for his own abandonment because he wasn't a good enough baby to keep. By believing this, he is giving the mother who left him omnipotent wisdom in having made this decision, when she was actually a confused, vulnerable, and often very young person acting from fear or other people's advice..."

Betty Jean Lifton, Journey of the Adopted Self

"In the course of interviewing adoptees, however, I realized that it is not just secrecy that affects their sense of self but rather a series of traumas. This 'cumulative adoption trauma' begins when they are separated from the mother at birth; builds when they learn that they were not born to the people they called mother and father; and is further compounded when they are denied knowledge of the mother and father to whom they were born."

Betty Jean Lifton, Journey of the Adopted Self

"Natural children, who have parents, siblings, and other blood-related relatives, are grounded in a reality from which they can spin their images. But adoptees do not feel grounded or connected by any such reality. Much of their imagery is not centered on the adoptive family in which they live as if they belong, but rather in fantasy and imagination. They have a sense that their very perceptions are deceiving them. They have lost the ability to distinguish between what is real and what is supposed to be real."

Betty Jean Lifton, Journey of the Adopted Self

"...Lacking a sense of direction that would give purpose to their lives; as fluctuating between being extremely passive or self-destructive. Perhaps it is difficult for a male adoptee to be assertive in our competitive society when he doesn't have control of his own personal history."

Betty Jean Lifton, Journey of the Adopted Self

"...Adoptees are usually shadowed by a pet of some kind, more than likely of unknown origins. They tend to identify with animals, perhaps because they share some state of grace that is outside the human condition... The live or stuffed animal grazes loyally in the interstices between them and the rest of the world... adoptees, of all ages, have live and inanimate animals to accompany them through life."

Betty Jean Lifton, Journey of the Adopted Self

"...While most adoptees have no choice but to adjust to the condition of being cut off from their heritage, there are some who cannot control the inchoate rage caused by their feelings of rejection by the birth parents and the sense of powerlessness over their fate... in the case of adoptee murders, the catastrophic conflict arises out of the child's dissociated response to the trauma of separation from the mother and the secrecy about his origins."

Betty Jean Lifton, Journey of the Adopted Self

"...What may be a simple threat to other acting-out adolescents - 'if you don't behave you're out of here' - may feel like the threat of annihilation to the adopted person, who is always fearful of fragmentation."

Betty Jean Lifton, Journey of the Adopted Self

"I recognized the psychiatrist and minister as keepers of the establishment's percieved truths - one representing mental health, the other moral certitude. They were accomplices in keeping the adoptee aborted from the consciousness of his clan. They saw him not as the returned lost baby but as the returned dead, who seek vengeance."

Betty Jean Lifton, Journey of the Adopted Self

"One of the many paradoxes in search and reunion is that adoptees often find their adoptive parents when they find their birth parents. Once the barrier of secrecy has been lifted, they are able to see their adoptive parents in a new way. They can share their feelings with them and open up communication channels that had been clogged by secrecy."

Betty Jean Lifton, Journey of the Adopted Self

"The adoptee's goal is to illuminate the dark unconscious of the self and make it whole."

Betty Jean Lifton, Journey of the Adopted Self

"Adoptees must weave a new self-narrative out of the fragments of what was, what might have been, and what is. This means they must integrate their two selves: the regressed baby who was abandoned and the adult the baby has become.
"They must make the artificial self real, and allow the forbidden self to come out of hiding. They must integrate what is authentic in these two selves, and balance the power between them. It is during this period that the adoptee feels most vulnerable, because neither self is in charge.
"They must accept that they cannot be fully the birth parent's child any more than they could be fully the adoptive parents' child. They must claim their own child, become their own person, and belong to themselves."

George B. Shaw

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress dependss on the unreasonable man."

George Eliot

"What loneliness is more lonely than distrust?"

Iris Murdoch

"Love is the extremely difficult realization that something other than oneself is real."

Charles deLint, Spirits in the Wires

"..It doesn't matter how happy your life is, if you don't know your parents - if you don't know anything about your origin - you're living with this black hole underlying who you are. And not all the platitudes in the world can make it go away."

R. "Bucky" Fuller

"The young realize, as thier elders do not, that humanity can do and can afford to do anything it needs to do that it knows how to do.
"Those who ignorantly think of themselves as a well-to-do conservative elite are, in fact, so slave-complexed that they are shocked when the younger generation throws aside thier clothes and cars of distinction and - abandoning their make-believe mansions which only are their old conqueror's castles - congregate in hundreds of thousands in shameless, innocent bands on vast beaches and meadows. It is not an unspannable generation gap that has occured, but an emancipation of youth from yesterday's slave-complex reflexes. This has been brought about solely by the proliferation of knowledge. 'The medium is the message' is the message only of yesterday's middleclass elite."

Ben Mack, Poker Without Cards

"If you get people to understand something, their actions will follow. What a person accepts as fact, affects how they act. Understanding is the act of standing under a precept. Are you following?"

Ben Mack, Poker Without Cards

"...People often go insane when they conform to a societal standard with which they disagree."

Abraham Lincoln

"..No man resolved to make the most of himself has time to waste on personal contention."

Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange

"You were not put on this earth just to get in touch with God. That sort of thing could sap all the strength and the goodness out of a chelloveck."

Grant Morrison

"If you take the events of your own life and weave them into a narrative suddenly you find the world and the narrative do become entwined."

Peter Carroll

"Early on I realized that you can only make money out of magic by setting up a cult or running a correspondence course, and this did not appeal to me."

Jamie Delano

"It should always be remembered that a large part of the creative process is subconscious and only reveals its results spontaneously in the act of union between fingertip and keyboard - 'keyboard magic,' I call it."

Robert Artigiani

"The last one hundred years have witnessed organized violence, suffering, and injustice on a previously unequalled scale... but amidst the chaos and misery, an evolutionary analysis finds hope... cultural change is associated with entropy bursts that may lead to restablizations at higher levels of complexity.
"Higher levels of complexity in human systems have consequences which appear to encourage increasing individuation, autonomy and community. Thus, an evolutionary analysis suggests that we are in a position to build a new kind of society that will display progress measured in terms of classical human values. Thus our choices and actions can ennoble the sacrifices made by earlier generations..."


"...if you want to provoke revolt, don't draw a line between yourself and the rest of the world and threaten everyone across it. Don't propagate a universal program, don't campaign for recruits, for heaven's sake don't 'educate the masses'! Forget about persuading people to your opinion - encourage them to develop the power to form thier own."

R. U. Sirius

"...Counterculture doesn't require heros and in many cases it subverts the very notion of heroism. Some of the 'Spiritual' countercultures particularly -- Taoism, Zen -- pretty much try to annihilate the romantic self. You may well ask why they fit the premise of assigning primacy of the individual while denying the solidity of the individual ego. Briefly and painting in broad strokes and particularly in the case of the Taoists, there's an individuality of disconnection from social assumptions and norms, and in the case of the Taoist hermits, from civilization itself. It's not an Assertion of non-conformity but an assumption of it."

R. U. Sirius

"Is there a fringe? By the mid-90's, it became increasingly clear to me that 'fringe culture' - culture jamming, pranks, extreme types of performance, the whole cultural guerilla matrix had turned into a form of entertainment for sophisticated urbanites, for Time magazine and Wired magazine readers who may, in fact, be quite conservative but can enjoy a spot of Negativland for thier media dessert. I believe the quest for the fringe has now been reformatted as 'outsider art' and that seems to involve mostly people operating at a level of naivete that borders on retardation (I don't necessarily mean that as a put down and I don't necessarily mean to apply that to everyone who has been roped into the genre)... that too is dessert for cultural consumers.
"So I guess, forget the fringe..."

R. U. Sirius

"The primary characteristics of counterculture are threefold:
* Countercultures assign primacy to individuality at the expense of social conventions and governmental constraints.
* Countercultures challenge authoritarianism in both obvious and subtle forms.
* Countercultures embrace individual and social change
"...nearly universal features of counterculture are: Breakthroughs and radical innovations in art, science, spirituality, philosophy, and living. Diversity. Authentic, open communication and profound interpersonal contact. Also, generosity and the democratic sharing of tools. Persecution by mainstream culture of contemporaneous subcultures. Sometimes exile or dropping out... Finally, the antic behaviors and easy sensuality found in countercultures across time is, in some ways, the special ingredient that makes countercultures attractive."

John Mohawk, "How the Conquest of Indigenous Peoples Parallels the Conquest of Nature"

"Military historians don't shrink back from talking about political agendas. A military historian comes right out and says, the agenda here was to plunder; the plan was to use so many cannons, so many of this and that. When military historians study human behavior, they come to the conclusion that the purpose of rganized armed aggression is to plunder. Now, that's something which should be inscribed on the library wall at Columbia: the purpose of organized armed aggression is plunder!
"I believe that philosophy was used by Western Civilization to obscure the act of plunder by cloaking it in fancier terms... Once you believe that one group is better than all the rest, murder is justified, genocide is justified; in fact any act against nature is justified."

Ernst Cassirer, Language & Conception

"...All genuine historical reflection, instead of losing itself in contemplation of the merely singular and non-recurrent, must strive, like the morphological thought of Goethe, to find those 'pregnant' moments in the course of events where, as in focal points, whole series of occurences are epitomized. In such points, phases of reality that are temporally widely separated become connected and linked for historical conception and understanding. As certain high moments are culled from the uniform stream of time, and are related to each other, and concatenated in series, the origin and end of all happenings, their whence and whither, is gradually illumined."

William James, "Reflex Action & Theism"

"...The conceiving or theorizing faculty - the mind's middle department - functions exclusively for the sake of ends that do not exist at all in the world of impressions we receive by way of our senses, but are set by our emotional and practical subjectivity together. It is a transformer of the world of our impressions into a totally different world - the world of our conception; and the transformation is effected in the interests of our volitional nature, and for no other purpose whatsoever. Destroy the volitional nature, the definite subjective purposes, preferences, fondnesses for certain effects, forms, orders, and not the slightest motive would remain for the brute order of our experience to be remodeled at all. But, as we have the elaborate volitional constitution we do have, the remodeling must be effected; there is no escape. The world's contents are given to each of us in an order so foreign to our subjective interests that we can hardly by an effort of the imagination picture to ourselves what it is like. We have to break that order altogether - and by picking out from it the items which concern us, and by connecting them with others far away, which we say "Belong" with them, we are able to make out definite threads of sequence and tendency; to foresee particular liabilities and get ready for them; and to enjoy simplicity and harmony in place of what was chaos. Is not the sum of your actual experience taken at this moment and impartially added together an utter chaos?... Is it not the only condition of your mental sanity in the midst of them that most of them should become non-existent for you, and that a few others.. should evoke from places in your memory that have nothing to do with this scene associates fitted to combine with them in what we call a rational train of thought - rational, because it leads to a conclusion which we have some organ to appreciate? We have no organ or faculty to appreciate the simply given order. The real world as it is given objectively at this moment is the sum total of all its being and events now. But can we think of such a sum? Can we realize for an instant what a cross-section of all existence at a definate point of time would be?... It is an order with which we have nothing to do but to get away from it as fast as possible.... We break it: we break it into histories, and we break it into arts, ad we break it into sciences; and then we begin to feel at home.... and out of an infinite number of these we call certain ones essential and lawgiving, and ignore the rest."

Henry V. Miller, The Colossus of Maroussi

"In our world the blind lead the blind and the sick go to the sick to be cured. We are making constant progress, but it is a progress which leads to the operating table, to the poor house, to the insane asylum, to the trenches... We have no healers, we have only butchers whose knowledge of anatomy entitles them to a diploma, which in turn entitles them to carve out or amputate our illness so that we may carry on in crippled fashion until such time as we are fit for the slaughterhouse. We announce the discovery of this cure & that but make no mention of the new diseases which we have created enroute."

Henry V. Miller, "THe Alcoholic Veteran with the Washboard Cranium"

"I saw finally that no matter how much I did it was just a drop in the bucket. I'm not saying that I grew indifferent or hardened. No, but I realized that it would take a revolution to make any appreciable change in conditions. And when I say a revolution I mean a real revolution, something far more radical and sweeping than the Russian revolution, for instance. I still think that, but I don't think it can be done politically or economically. Governments can't bring it about. Only individuals, each one working in his own quiet way. It must be a revolution of the heart. Our attitude towards life has to be fundamentally altered. We've got to advance to another level, a level from which we can take in the whole earth with one glance. We have to have a vision of the globe, including all the people who inhabit it-down to the lowest and the most primitive man."

Henry V. Miller, The Colossus of Maroussi

"If men cease to believe that they will one day become gods then they will surely become worms."

Ben Mack, Poker Without Cards

"...Anybody who doesn't see the value of a book based on lies won't see the value of a book based on lies won't see the value of this book either..."

Ben Mack, Poker Without Cards

"Our country has limited respect for intellectual diversity. A 1993 U.S. Dept. of Education investigation of the status of gifted American students, revealed the depth of anti-intellectualism in American Schools. It's not surprising that gifted children are often called 'nerd' and 'dweeb', but the study also found evidence that gifted African-Americans are often accused by thier peers of 'acting white'."

Ben Mack, Poker Without Cards

"The essence of a church, whether a government, a corporation, or a centrally organized religion, is a power delivery mechanism. When you harvest power, its often called oppression. These organizations primarily discipline is the redistribution of money. Money is energy. Energy is power."

Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground

"I repeat, I emphatically repeat: ingenuos people and active figures are all active simply because they are dull and narrow-minded. How to explain it? Here's how: as a consequence of thier narrow-mindedness, they take the most immediate and secondary causes for the primary ones, and thus become convinced more quickly and easily than others that they have found an indisputable basis for their doings, and so they feel at ease; and that, after all, is the main thing. For in order to begin to act, one must first be completely at ease, so that no more doubts remain."

Herman Hesse

"For although in a certain sense and for light-minded persons, non-existent things can be more easily and irresponsibly represented in words than existing things, for the serious and conscientious historians it is just the reverse. Nothing is harder, yet nothing is more necessary, than to speak of certain things whose existence is neither demonstrable nor probable. The very fact that serious and conscientious men treat them as existing things, brings them a step closer to existence and the possibility of being born."

Bob Wilson, RIght Where You Are Sitting Now

"Post Einsteinian psychology can only begin from Bucky Fuller's empirical self-observation, 'I seem to be a verb'."

Benjamin Lee Whorf

"A change in language can transform our appreciation of the cosmos."

Henry V. Miller, "The Enormous Womb"

"Curiously enough the verb which expresses being is in our language an intransitive verb. Most people think it quite natural that the verb to be should be an intransitive one. And yet these are languages, as we know, which make no distinction between transitive and intransitive. The spirit of these languages is more deeply rooted in symbol. Since it is only through symbolism that we apprehend anything profoundly, the more precise and conceptual a language becomes the more sterile it becomes. The modern tongues, all of them, reflect more and more the death in us. They reflect only too clearly the fact that we regard life itself as a vestibule, whether to heaven or to hell makes little difference...
"Everything that lives has will, that is, creativeness. Will is in the verb, which is the most important adjunct of our speech: a verb is ipso facto transitive. A verb, however, can be made intransitive, as the will can be rendered powerless, by the mind. But by its nature a verb is the symbol of action, regardless of whether the action be doing, having, breathing, or being."

Biroco, Joel

"...The essence of True Magick is confident extemporisation and the ability to scale spontaneity in 'dynamic moves'. This comes not only from years of practice but also from understanding of the forces one is dealing with - it is not simply compression of a working but transcendence of its merely mechanistic aspects.
"Many ceremonial magicians have a habit of ceremony they cannot see beyond and as a result thier workings are depleted of actual magick..." - Biroco, Joel(ed). KAOS14[PDF edition]. London: the Kaos-Babalon press, 2002

bill hicks

"I'm gonna share with you a vision that I had, cause I love you. And you feel iT. You know all that money we spend on nuclear weapons and defense each year, trillions of dollars, correct? Instead -- just play with this -- if we spent that money feeding and clothing the poor of the world -- and it would pay for it many times over, not one human being excluded -- we can explore space together, both inner and outer, forever in peace. Thank you very much. You've been great, I hope you enjoyed it."
- bill hicks as quoted by art reid

i copied the following sentances from DIRECT RESPONSE: The Art Reid Story By Howard Campbell

If you see somebody stealing, the conservative thing to say to them is, “How much am I going to get?” Of course you are supposed to take advantage of The System. The System is taking advantage of you. Don’t fret. The ethical thing is to not take advantage of the individual. The system is taking advantage of the individual. I copied the previous sentences from Dr.Hyatt’s Sociopath’s Bible.

CraCKer by ohGr


you think you're evil but you're not
still sucking life from the mainstream
its so deluded give it up
what's that you hide behind your pile of shit

feeling blind to all important scenes

it's so deluded give it up / it's unoriginal

find out exactly what is meant
to be abducted in-between
another moment documents
the fading magic of what could have been...


To quote:

The guy who slagged the football team -
Those yobs were not for him -
Turns into a real estate agent
Who believes in discipline;
That guy who's the first to use cocaine,
The wild boy breaking free,
Ends up in a court of law
As a prosecuting Q.C.;
Remember the school captain? -
Success was a matter of time:
I can hear her now as she screams,
"Greg! You missed the stop sign!"

Forget Snoop Doggy Dog,
Forget ol' Ice T -
The true word out on the streets
Is produced by the T.A.C.
What good's the use of striving?
As Life's road in front unravels
We get to do the driving,
But don't choose the direction we travel.
Do your homework, or wag for weeks
And graffiti the Dandenong line:
It don't matter when you hear that scream -
"Greg! You missed the stop sign!"

Some time in the next hundred thousand years
A comet's gonna wipe out all trace of Man -
I'm banking on it coming before
My end of year exam.
The rich kid, he becomes a junkie,
The poor kid, an advertiser :
What a tragic waste of potential -
Being a junkie's not so good, either.
Your folks struggled hard for what you've got,
You are the fruit of their vine;
But who cares what you sow when what you reap
Is: "Greg! You missed the stop sign!"

Hardwired into everyone's head
Is the person they're gonna be -
Growing up is not a matter of choice,
It's a matter of wait and see.
And so kids, yeah! you can do it!
Remember to be your best!
Rage without fucking alcohol!
You can pass the test!
Girls can do anything!
I'm O.K! You're O.K! We're fine!
I thought I saw a semi-trailer!
Greg! You missed the stop sign!
- tism: greg! the stop sign!!