Henry V. Miller, "THe Alcoholic Veteran with the Washboard Cranium"

"I saw finally that no matter how much I did it was just a drop in the bucket. I'm not saying that I grew indifferent or hardened. No, but I realized that it would take a revolution to make any appreciable change in conditions. And when I say a revolution I mean a real revolution, something far more radical and sweeping than the Russian revolution, for instance. I still think that, but I don't think it can be done politically or economically. Governments can't bring it about. Only individuals, each one working in his own quiet way. It must be a revolution of the heart. Our attitude towards life has to be fundamentally altered. We've got to advance to another level, a level from which we can take in the whole earth with one glance. We have to have a vision of the globe, including all the people who inhabit it-down to the lowest and the most primitive man."


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Why no comments yet? This a great quote from one on his best of his stories. And I've read almost everything he's written, including Money and How It Gets That Way...heh

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